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Buying a Home...

Your Dream House

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions - and one of the biggest investments - you will ever make. A home is more than the sum of its parts. It's the place in which you dream and live your life. It's where you spend quality time with family and friends; it's your nest-egg, your retirement, your legacy to your children. As such, purchasing a home is as much an emotional investment as a financial one. Your pocket book and your bank manager may dictate what you can afford to buy, but your heart will make the final decision.

It's a lot like love - when you find "The One" you just know.

Because the decision is primarily emotional, you may be blinded to the parts of the home that are not performing. Missed problems can swiftly turn your dream home into a nightmare. A professional home inspection will enable you to learn a great deal about the ins-and-outs of a particular home, answer some very important questions, and help give you peace of mind.

An inspection of the home you are considering will help you make an informed decision during the purchase process. It also builds a foundation of knowledge about the house and its systems, allowing you to take true pride of ownership. Equipped with home-maintenance information, you stand a far better chance of protecting your investment and increasing its worth over time.

Who do you go to for help?

Until recently, it wasn't easy to find a professional who could make a valid assessment of the dozens of systems and components that make up a home. A carpenter moonlighting as a home inspector might check all the structural elements but walk right past a deficient furnace or a basement on the verge of leaking. As the home inspection profession has grown over the last decade, so have the standards for licensing home inspectors. It's not enough to have once been a renovator, electrician, or foundation specialist. Home inspectors are required to gain expertise in all the home's systems. The increasing demand for professional home inspections has encouraged good inspection companies to train their inspectors to perform at a high level.

Peace of mind is a precious commodity when you are making the major purchase of your life. A professional home inspection benefits everyone, from the buyer to the seller as well as any other professionals involved with the sale.

Not Just Problem Detectors...

Finding problems, however, isn't really the goal of a home inspection. Most often our report assures the buyer that he or she can proceed without taking a leap into a potential money pit.

If the inspector uncovers any deficiencies, the buyer then has an opportunity to take the cost of repairs into account in the offer to purchase. Or, the seller can make the repairs to remove any impediment to the sale of the home.




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